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Sender Tool
Account creation request

Welcome to the Vade Sender Tool.

This interface allows message senders to report what they believe to be false positives generated by our tools.

To request a review, we need to make sure that you are the author of the concerned messages.

To do so, you must follow a few steps:

1. Create an account using a business email and choose double opt-in authentication.

2. Link all the IPS you use to your account and choose an authentication based on the addresses in Whois.

3. Create a request on one of the verified IPs of your account.

I read the general conditions of use and I accept them. (Read the conditions of use)
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Step 1 Creating an account
Step 2 Account and password validation
Step 3 Adding your IP
Step 3 Validation of your IP
Step 5 Manage your requests